• 5 health benefits of wearing silver

    Posted by Alanya Grace

    Did you know that secret to a better immune system could be hiding in your jewelry box?


    Since ancient times, precious metals were prized not only for their aesthetic appeal but for the range of healing properties they were purported to harness.  Since ancient times metals were placed next to the skin so the wearer could unleash and enjoy their healing powers – over time the design became more ornate and jewelry as we know it today was born.


    Not many of us are aware that the jewelry we wear is imbued with potent healing properties. 

    Discover 5 healing properties of silver:


    1. Anti Anxiety, alleviate nerves – wearing silver can help restore equilibrium to your energies and mood

    2. Remove excessive energy from blood circulation – thereby helping reduce blood pressure, remedy circulation trouble or temperature imbalance

    3. Antiviral and antibacterial – did you know silver has antibacterial and antiviral properties and when placed next to the skin can help fight colds and flu

    4. Feminine energy – Silver is associated with the Greek Goddess Artemis symbolizing feminine energy. If you are ultra feminine you will be drawn to silver accessories.  However, if you who wish to express a little more femininity adding something of silver such as a pair of clip on earrings will help connect you with your inner goddess.

    5. Balance and Harmony – Silver is a blend of black and white, light and darkness, day and night – this color bridges past tradition with the future – making it a perfect color for the If you are trying to live your life more presently, adding some silver accessories could be all you need to assist with the power of now

    "Silver is the most present of colors"

    5 health benefits of wearing silver

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  • 5 Healing Benefits of Wearing Gold

    Posted by Alanya Grace

    5 healing benefits of wearing gold

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  • 5 health benefits of wearing gold

    Posted by Alanya Grace

    Did you know wearing gold can help improve health and emotional well-being making gold accessories the perfect staple of your winter wardrobe or most thoughtful gift for a loved one.


    1. Masculine Energy – Sun

    Gold is linked with masculine energy and power - begin associated with the Sun whereas the moon and silver convey feminine energy.  Wearing gold is believed to help restore emotional strength and courage.


    1. Optimistic and positive

    Gold is an optimistic and positive color that enhances all around it - wearing accessories in this color can enhance your complexion as well as overall mood and wellbeing.  These stunning clip on earrings are sure to add warmth to any ensemble and give you that psychological boost to beat the winter blues.



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    1. Warmth and wellbeing

    Did you know wearing gold can help improve health and emotional well-being making gold accessories the perfect staple of your winter wardrobe or most thoughtful gift for a loved one?


    1. Enlightenment

    Gold inspires knowledge, deep spiritual understanding and connection with self.

    1. Prestige and luxury

    Wearing gold is the most effective way to achieve a look of sophistication and elegance.  For thousands of years this color has been associated with prosperity, wealth, abundance, luxury and success.  Why not add a little gold to your wardrobe today?



    inspiration | words of enlightenment


    "He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge"

    Psalm 91:4


    verse of the day | psalm 91.4 he will cover you with his feathers and under his wings you will find refuge

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  • The health risks of ear piercings every parents should know about

    Posted by Alanya Grace

    Pierced ears can lead to a lot of health risks for young girls. 

    For a lot of little girls, getting pierced ears is a rite of passage that they just can't wait to experience. However, as a parent, it's important to make sure she can handle the responsibility of caring for a piercing. While ear piercings are routine, there are still plenty of risks involved, and they are more likely to occur if your daughter is young. Here are some that you should consider before deciding on pierced ears:


    Without proper care, an ear piercing can quickly become a nightmare.

    Infections are the leading risk of any piercing. Without proper care, an ear piercing can quickly become a nightmare. All parents know how difficult it is to tell their child not to touch something, and that kind of touching is exactly what leads healthy piercings to become infected, which occurs in 24 percent of all ear piercings, according to John Hopkins Children's Center.

    Jenny Murase, an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at University of California San Francisco told Parents magazine that if a child experiences redness, swelling, drainage, pain, itching or tenderness at the site of the piercing, it's indication to immediately contact a doctor.


    Because this is probably your child's first experience with a piercing, you might not know how she will react to certain metals. Nickel or cobalt, two metals commonly found in earrings, are common allergies. Even materials like white gold can contain nickel that can cause an allergic reaction. Kids can be sensitive to other types of metals as well.


    A piercing can also lead to permanent scars known as keloids, which is an overgrowth of scar tissue that leads to a lesion on the skin. One 2005 study found that 80 percent of patients who were pierced at age 11 or older formed a keloid. Certain kids can be more prone to forming keloids than others due to their personal or family history. The researchers from the 2005 study recommend that those children avoid any kind of piercing.


    Young earlobes may be especially prone to tearing from dangling or heavy earrings. While these earrings look pretty, and are probably the ones your daughter is most excited about wearing, earlobe tearing usually takes some form of surgical procedure to repair.

    The Alternative

    Luckily, there is a way your daughter can have this experience without the health risks. Childrens clip on earrings are a great transitional accessory until she's ready to make a responsible decision about piercings.


    health risks of ear piercings every parent should know about



    Ear piercings can lead to a few different complications for young girls


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  • 4 things you should know about coconut oil

    Posted by Alanya Grace

    4 things you need to know about coconut oil

    To help you understand the benefits of coconut oil, we've outlined four essentials about it.

    In the past few years, many have hailed coconut oil for its various health benefits, some of which only recently come to light. With so much information floating around about the super food, it's easy to be misguided about what it actually is and what it can do for you. To help you understand the benefits of coconut oil, we've outlined four essentials about it:

    1. It's changed a lot

    Tom Brenna, a professor of nutritional sciences at Cornell University's College of Human Ecology told the Huffington Post that not all coconut oils are the same. He explained that the coconut oil used in the production of junk food in the '80s is much different than the coconut oil available now. Virgin and refined coconut oil have been studied for their effects on human health and are very different than the unhealthy, highly-processed version that was once met with overwhelming criticism.

    1. It could help the fight against Alzheimer's

    One study found that coconut oil can protect cortical neurons in mice, giving researchers an idea of how it could be used in the fight against Alzheimer's. While these findings require further study, a 2004 study published in the journal Neurobiology of Aging found that the MCTs in coconut oil helped patients with mild Alzheimer's improve brain function. So, at the very least, coconut oil can benefit cognitive function.


    4 things you should know about coconut oil

    As a moisturizer, coconut oil can benefit people with conditions such as dry skin and acne.

    1. It has cosmetic benefits too

    While internal health is obviously important, coconut oil can also help with some more cosmetic concerns. Because of its vitamin E content, coconut oil makes a great skin moisturizer. A 2004 study published in the journal Dermatitis discovered that the use of coconut oil could increase the lipid content and moisture of people with dry skin. Some dermatologists theorize that it could benefit people with skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis.

    1. It can ward off infection

    The lauric acid in coconut oil is believed to be beneficial against fungal, viral and bacterial infections. Adding coconut to your diet could help with indigestion, according to Dr. Joe Alton in an interview with Medical Daily. It could also kill pathogens like staph infections.


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