2015 Fall Fashion Trend - Statement Earrings – Return of 1980s Fashion and 1990s Fashion

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The Psychology of Fashion – Fall Fashion Trend Statement Earrings – Return of 1980s Fashion and 1990s Fashion


Never before have designers looked back to, and took inspiration from decades past more than in the creation of Fall 2015 Fashion. What we have seen on the runways in New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and London Fashion Week is clearly a resurrection and juxtaposition of the decades.

“resurrection and juxtaposition of the decades”

We see fur stoles from the 1920s, turtlenecks from the 1950s, from 1970s fashion we have a plethora of trends – wide legged flares, all shades of brown, an array of floral prints, the disco vibe, Bohemian knits and silhouettes – this decade the 1970s clearly dominated Fall 2015 Fashion Inspiration, from the 1980s fashion we see neon’s and turtlenecks, but no one trend has more dominance that the returns of the 1980s fashion and 1990s fashion accessory the bold statement earring – there is no doubt that earrings are having a moment in the accessories world.

The statement earring was all over the runways of New York Fashion Week for Fall 2015 and I certainly don’t expect the resurgence of this jewelry obsession to slow down any time soon. We only need to look around us; this trend took no time to filter its way from the runway to dominate street style. Already many around us have forgot the statement necklace in favor of the statement earring – and other than being a current Fashion Trend there are a number of reasons for this.

Fall 2015 fashion looks to have an obsession with the oversized and the statement earring certainly embodies this.

The statement clip on earring perfectly fuses the best of 1980s fashion with the best of 1990s fashion – in both of these decades trends and accessories were chosen to make a statement, with the growth of feminist expression, styles evolved to be power styles, mimicking traditional masculine designs fashion conveyed strength, independence and femininity. Fashion design was very psych, economic, gender driven – encapsulating a story, an ideal whether many were aware of it or not. It altered a lot of ladies psychology and was a powerful catalyst in assisting with the process of gender equality. 

“…the best of 1980s fashion with the best of 1990s fashion …

Fashion design was very psych, economic, gender driven…”

There is a reason why the statement clip on earring is making such a comeback this Fall 2015. We live in an age of progressed feminism, ladies are on equal standing with men in education, and the career gap is lessening. We are confident and wish to show this, yet also female and want to convey our femininity. Life has never been more hectic – we work longer hours, and the pressures of life keep increasing.

In this hectic world the statement clip on earring is the perfect accessory, its minimal effort, maximum impact certainly makes it the chicest way to accessorize this season. As a bold statement piece it conveys strength, confidence, yet is decoratively feminine and screams look at me. It is simple, effortless and chic, the most versatile of all accessories and most time efficient way to transform ourselves from day time chic to evening glamour with the addition of just one piece. It' versatility and time efficiency makes it the perfect piece to fit into the hectic lifestyle of the modern lady.

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