Color For Health: Red

Posted by Alanya Grace on

Did you know wearing red not only looks beautiful but can help bring many positive health benefits.



1. Energy

Perhaps you are lacking energy, leaving the bright days of summer and need a pick me up. Red is associated with blood, vital life force. This color has the health benefit of increasing your energy and blood flow.

2. Strength

Feeling a little weak, did you know wearing red has the psychological effect of making you stronger.

3. Motivation

Red gets your pulse racing and has been know to increase motivation. No more procrastination! 

4. Confidence

Surrounding yourself with red will help you feel stronger emotions, greater conviction and confidence to be your true self.

5. Will Power

There are times when we all lack the will power to give up something or stick to our instincts. Red is the color of I know who I am, there are no two ways about it!

6. Courage 

Red has been known to increase courage. It is no mistake the Red Cross uses this color as its corporate color - representing the courage of all who serve.

7. Initiative

Red is the color for new beginnings, seizing the moment, taking the initiative.

8. Passion

Since time began red has been associated with love and passion - the color of blood, the heart, love and romance!



3 Ways to Add More Red in Your Life


1. Wear the color - did you know by adding a red accessory such as red clip on earrings you will harness the healing benefits of red?

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2. Find it in nature - gaze on a red sunset as you feel stronger, more energy and increased conviction


3. Eat something red - such as this delicious watermelon and enjoy the health benefits such as clearer skin and anti inflammation?