Color for Health: Blue

Posted by Alanya Grace on

Did you know the color blue has long been known to have a positive effect on emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health. Discover 5 ways this healing color can benefit your health today...


1. Calm

If you have every felt anxiety, as though the walls are closing in and all you can feel is a raised pulse, blue is just the tonic. This cool color helps bring calm.


2. Peace

Energetically blue is associated with a deep sense of peace, perhaps your life is a little soothing.


3. Relaxation

Blue helps create a sense of relaxation and deep mediation.


4.  Steadying

Known as the color of stability, blue helps foster steady emotions.


5. Slowing Down

Blue has may positive health benefits, one being helping restore equilibrium and slow down a frantic pace. 


6. Self Expression

Perhaps you are struggling with expressing yourself. Did you know wearing something clue can help liberate your energies? Discover stunning blue clip ons that can help foster this energy.


7. Intuition

Blue is the color of knowing, a higher sense.

8. Honesty

Color of honesty, knowing emotions, maturing and knowing self.


9. Truth

Blue has long been associated with stability and truth, True Blue.


10. Creativity

They don't call it 'blue sky thinking' for no reason. When you feel as though you are hitting an emotional brick wall did you know getting out into nature, fixing your eyes on a blue sky lifts the confines and elevates the imagination.