6 things you need to know about the color orange

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The color of fashion, adventure, optimism, warmth and friendship



  1. Warmth and Happiness. The color orange is linked to the energy of the sun, radiating warmth and happiness.  A combination of red and yellow, orange combines the passion and stimulation of red with the cheerfulness and innocence of yellow – while muting the fiery aggression associated with red.

color psychology orange

2. Courage and optimism - Emotional strength in difficult times. Did you know wearing the color orange offers emotional strength to help bounce back from difficult times.  The energy of this color is forward thinking helping one to look toward a bright future in times of despair, whether it be a break up, divorce, or bereavement.

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3. Optimistic and uplifting. Orange is the #1 color for lifting the emotions and restoring the soul.  So powerful at lifting the spirits – everyone should find a way of adding orange to their everyday life, whether it be an orange wallet, finding a nail polish of orange hue, or even just adding a pair of orange or amber clip on earrings.


orange clip on earrings

4. Freedom – frees the soul from confines giving the courage and freedom to be ourselves.

5. Confidence and better self-esteem. The color orange is outward thinking, optimistic and extroverted.  Wearing something of this shade can help inspire greater confidence and self-esteem, overcoming inhibitions and liberating self.

6. Intellectual – aids the assimilation of new ideas. Did you know orange opens the creative energies, the mind, fosters a contention between the physical and mental thereby aiding the assimilation of new ideas.

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