5 things you need to know about amethyst - February's birthstone

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Birthstones are more than beautiful gems associated with the 12 months of the year.  Birthstones are precious gemstones imbued with deep spiritual significance and healing powers.  Worn in their particular month the healing benefits are believed to be intensified.


For example, Amethyst is know as the stone to help keep us true to our convictions.  Perhaps you need a little strength and courage in your life?  Discover how this stone could be the perfect addition to your jewelry box or most thoughtful gift for a loved one.


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  1. Ancient Origin – birthstones date back to the breast plate of Aaron representing the twelve tribes of Israel

Did you know the twelve birthstones that we wear to represent our birth month, have their origins in the breastplate of Aaron, with the twelve stones, for the twelve months representing the twelve tribes of Israel?  These twelve stones then became the part of the official breastplate that the ancient High Priest of Israel wore.


“And Aaron shall bear the names of the Children of Israel in the breastplate of judgment upon his heart, when he goeth in unto the Holy Place.”

Exodus 28 v12, 29


  1. Amethyst is derived from the Greek word Αμέθυστος meaning “not drunken” and the Hebrew אַחְלָ֫מָה “to dream”

Understanding the etymology of amethyst, it is no coincidence that stone is associated with purification, enlightenment, the foundation of the New Jerusalem and dreams.  What should we dream?  To be the best version of ourselves, to see God’s face?  Who will see God’s face? Those who have clean hands and a pure heart.  Wearing this stone cleanse our negative energies, purification helping us get closer to God and in the realm of dreams receive divine revelation from our creator.


  1. Stone of Royalty – Amethyst conveys luxury and was the stone of Pharaoh’s, Emperors, Kings and Cardinals

Amethyst is the symbol of Royal Priesthood, Kingship and majesty.  Conveying luxury, opulence and enlightenment this precious stone has been regarded as one of the most valuable of gemstones worn by Pharaoh’s, Emperors, Kings and Cardinals – though its value was not only in its rarity, material worth, beauty but also from its power to protect and strengthen the wearer physically and spiritually.


  1. Anti-Anxiety – clears the mind of negative influences and thoughts, relieves anger

Did you the Ancient Greeks wore amethyst to prevent anger, intoxication as well as relieve frustrated passion?  Today many wear amethysts to relieve anger and aid purification.  This stone is known to assist giving up bad habits whether they be smoking, drugs or alcohol. Perhaps the is something in your life you wish to overcome, wearing amethyst clip on earrings next to you skin could be the energy you require to overcome weakness. 


  1. Spiritual effects, increase IQ – causes the wearer to dream and receive divine revelation

Amethyst is a spiritual stone associated with prophecy and the 12th foundational gemstone used in the New Jerusalem.  It is believed this stone was worn by Pharaoh’s, Emperors, Priests and Cardinals to enhance their prophetic powers and open the mind to divine revelation.  Leonard Da Vinci wrote that amethyst was able to dissipate evil thoughts and quicken the intelligence.  Who ever thought that by placing this gemstone next to the skin, whether it be a necklace or clip on earrings – the mind could be opened to attaining its divine potential?


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