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off the shoulder top statement clip on earrings
Spring fashion is having a love for collarbones and skin, from the runway to the streets of Beverly Hills, LA and the wardrobe of many celebrities – off the shoulder tops paired with shoulder duster earrings are the hottest trend of late.
This season’s unlikely new erogenous zone? Shoulders. And it’s never been easier to show your off thanks to a fresh batch of skin baring tops. In crisp fabrics and soft silhouettes, they’re foolproof when coupled with Spring’s other collarbone accentuating trend – super long earrings.
But feeling a little daunted not knowing how to embrace this trend still remaining classy and elegant, we have together a selection of off-the-shoulder tops and earring pairings for every style and occasion.
6 off-the-shoulder tops and shoulder-duster statement earrings you will love:

1. Get the runway look

Delicate silk with the delicate gold strands – there is more of a pairing going on here that the eye would first perceive which is why this is such a perfect match, the flowing waterfall accentuates the flowing silk rainbow top, tassels on the Chloé shoulders couple with the overall tassel design of the shoulder-duster statement earrings.

off the shoulder top and statement clip on earrings

TOP: Rainbow silk, Chloe, $2,395:
EARRINGS: Alanya Grace Statement Gold Waterfall Clip Ons $80 [Were $200]
“The gold waterfall clip ons add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the colorful, free spirited rainbow top”

2. Date Night Chic

Wondering if you can bare a little shoulder after dark? Yet still wishing to maintain elegance and sophistication. This pairing is reminiscent of Hollywood glamor. The Nanja ribbed top is both flattering and forgiving, with the stretch in fabric it will give the most streamline silhouette. Paired with the Antique Statement Swarovski Clip on Earrings that are guaranteed to turn heads when they catch the light – this is a match made in fashion heaven.
 off the shoulder top statement clip on earrings
TOP: Cotton, Nanja, $995:
EARRINGS: Alanya Grace Statement Antique Swarovski Chandelier Clip Ons $180
“A perfect, effortless, chic date night look you will love – a classic match made in fashion heaven, turn heads when these statement clip ons catch the light”

3. Bidi bidi bom bom 

Ruffles dominated the runway and the collections of many designers in the Spring and Summer 2016 runway of New York Fashion Week. Ruffles are reminiscent of feminity and romance. For a classic feminine chic look combine ruffles with an off the shoulder top and bomb! You’ve a beautiful feminine ensemble. To complete this masterpiece pair with Alanya Grace Statement Infinity drop clip on earrings, platinum and pale compliment each other.
 off the shoulder top statement clip on earrings
TOP: Cotton, Rosie Assoulin, $995:
EARRINGS: Alanya Grace Statement Iconic Platinum Infinity Clip Ons $60 [Were $200]
“The light blue bidi bidi bom bom top is an exquisite off the shoulder relaxed resort look perfect paired with statement iconic platinum infinity drop clip ons”

 4. Casual Chic

There really is an off the shoulder top for every style, occasion and also weather! This ribbed knit off the shoulder sweater by Rosie Assoulin is perfect for chilly days and evenings, it can be worn alone or kept in a handbag as a very fashionable layer! The material will keep your body warm while still allowing you to expose those shoulders and show a little skin. To balance the knit we recommend pairing with a pair of Alanya Grace Gold Statement Infinity Chandelier Clip On Earrings. These earrings have enough presence and texture to hold their own with the off-the-shoulder sweater, glistening and drawing attention to your shoulders. Off the shoulder was meant for strolling down the boardwalk – this combination will keep you warm and glam”
off the shoulder top statement clip on earrings 
TOP: Cotton, Rosie Assoulin $2,023:
EARRINGS: Alanya Grace Statement Gold Infinity Drop Clip Ons $60 [Were $200]
“Off the shoulder was meant for strolling down the broadwalk – accessorize this ribbed knit with the gold infinity statement earrings to stay warm and glam”

 5. Pastel Rainbow with Moroccan inspired chic

This is one of the hottest looks among many celebrities – the daytime statement earring paired inspired by exotic design.   This pastel rainbow silk top is the ultimate in feminity and and luxury, pair with an everyday statement Silver Teardrop earring inspired by Moroccan influence for a soft silhoutee and foolproof outfit.
 off the shoulder top statement clip on earrings
TOP: Rainbow Silk, Chloé, $395:
EARRINGS: Alanya Grace Statement Silver Teardrop Clip Ons $200
“This rainbow silk top provides a soft silhouette and is foolproof when paired with a pair of wide leg pants and silver statement earrings”

6. East Coaster

East Coast fashion has always had an affinity for the preppy, stripped shirts, blazers, boat shoes and this top by Caroline Constas really does prove there is an off-the-shoulder top for every style. This poplin design will be a hit with the classic style lovers and what better way to accessorize and complete the look than with a pair of pearl teardrop shoulder duster earrings – who ever knew preppy could look sooooo good?
 off the shoulder top statement clip on earrings
TOP: Cotton, Caroline Constas, $395:
EARRINGS: Alanya Grace CHIC! Pearl Blossom Drop Clip Ons $50 [Were $100]
“Pearls and poplin have always been a classic combo adding soft feminity to the traditional stripe – the pairing is sure to impress this season”