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Psalm 91.4


"He will cover you with his feathers and under his wings you will seek refuge"



It is at the most trying and difficult of times that God is closest to us, though we may not feel it, he is there to cover us with his feathers, his wing outstretched to bring us back to safety - like the mother birds protects her loved ones in her nest, God seeks to protect us in his nest this world.


Through faith we reach out to him - he loves you and desires to bring you close.


The trials and obstacles we face are his way of saying, I am here, come closer, I want to cover you, protect you, draw you close to me, to love you so you can then fly to great and brighter things.


We only need to look to the beauty of creation to stop and be reminded of what a wonderful awesome God he is.

Santa Monica Sunset

Never give up hope.


Love and Blessings today