Posted on by Alanya Grace

All of us could do with a little encouragement, a little daily spiritual food for the journey ahead.  When life feels tough, when we doubt ourselves, struggle to see the good in ourselves and others - take comfort - this is what is known the human condition and feel happy there is just the remedy - a remedy that is centuries old, has been tried and tested by millions before you and is just what your should requires.

Grace and Grace Alone


Grace that gives us favor, that transforms, that takes away all we do not like, that purifies us.


Grace that brings us from shame to salvation.


Grace that brings us into the presence with God, not out human endeavor, but grace.


As we open our heart to this transformative energy, we are first changed.  And in doing so divine grace flowing into us to then go into the world and share this grace with others.


Grace that then radiates and transforms others lives.


All we need is Grace!